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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Insidious Review 2012

Insidious is a classic piece of work released in 2010. It follows the Horror slash chiller path, representing a genre that has failed cinemas for the past 10 years . Certain Horror movies have made a significant mark in cinema history, dating as far back to the genuis work in "It"(1990), Halloween (1978), "Friday the 13th (1980) and "A Nightmare on elm street"(1984). Those few of many classics are fine examples of the word, "Horror" as they were successful in frightening the audience, leaving visual implants into the brain of the average viewer. If you are still thinking of a movie that scared you mentally and physically before you go to bed at night? that movie had done it's job. If you find yourself watching it for the next 20 years or so, it is indeed a classic. Similar to my examples above. Another example, Insidious.

Dalton Lambert (Ty Simpkins) falls suddenly into a catastrophic coma following an accident in the family's abandoned attic. The parents, Josh and Renai are bewildered to the result that follows as Dalton is hospitalised before being transferred home to be treated further more.

The Coma appears far from basic as several months on reveal Dalton is no closer to being revived. It is when spiritual happenings occur through-out the house that Renai (Rose Byrne) begins to question the possible relation to the apparent haunting and her son, Dalton.

Josh (Patrick Wilson) is your typical male, ideal father. Although he is paranoid for the safety of his son, he does not believe in Paranormal activity. The films disturbing plot is seen through the eyes of Renai and Josh as we watch their creepy situations come to life. As Dalton lies lifeless in his bed, both parents are caught up in haunting visions and disturbing sounds as whatever it is stalking the family home, it appears to be coming from Dalton's room.

In a desperate bid to seek and rid the house of the evil spirits, Renai invites paranormal doctor Elise (Lin Shaye) in a last ditch attempt to convince herself that she is not going insane. The Inclusion of Lin Shaye proved a touch of class as the result of her inclusion is highly memorable, offering a more darker feel than her character "Elise" originally intended.

A haunting tale with a slight twist, Insidious looks and feels awesome. The movie is shot with a dull shade of grey, giving off a depressing feel to what seems ever so real. There are some jumpy scenes that will guarantee the awakening of the average viewer.

A great introduction with a snip of relation to the vintage Hammer production, with a frightening violin tune that the mind will struggle to erase once the movie comes to a climax. Without saying too much about such a clever and tense concept, it is a plot that should be truly revealed in a dark room, by yourself!

This review is based off my viewing of Insidious the second time around. I am delighted to say it scared me senseless, just as it did upon its original release.

Taking into account what we have seen over the years, Insidious finishes top with one of the best horror movies of the past ten years. The last movie released that blends into this category is "Drag Me to Hell" by Sam Raimi . Also a must see for all horror fans.

Insidious did all the right things for me. It had me shook in a disturbing way, a way that makes me want to witness its crafty work over and over again.

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