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Friday, 21 October 2011

Do we really need another Remake??

"The Thing"Remake 2/12/2011

Halloween is approaching and I ask myself, as a movie fan of all genres, especially Horror, do we really need another horror remake?
The past 10 years have been great for any movie fan. We have seen the different types of movies that were brought to the big screen, and most I can assume were welcomed with open arms.
Action blockbusters, comedy/Romance, hard drama and true stories. 

Can we say the Horror genre has been so successful lately? I for one think not. Don’t get me wrong, we have had some new ideas of scary movies. Take the first "Saw" movie for example, which I think brought a little bit of life back to the Horror genre.

Horror movies cannot fade away as it is something that has to be continued to be produced just like Comedy and romance. Me and I am sure most have no problems with  horror movies being released as we might expect numerous ones this Halloween, even if they turn out to be crap, someone has to keep it alive.

But do we really need another Horror remake? I mean not just another one, but in general? Can’t the classics stay classics and be left alone rather than some up and coming movie director getting the privilege to revamp some movies that were good enough were they left off 20 years ago?

This Halloween will see the release of the most recent of the remakes, The Thing. Honestly I have never seen the original but I know this goes down, with many others as a horror classic.  I get what the film Industry are trying to do. Besides from the blatant obvious, which is to make money, but to also give movie fans something to be scared about this Halloween. 

But Let us take look at some previous horror remakes that I am sure read like a good idea at the time but for fans, most had failed to work:

“Halloween” remake was taken on by Rob Zombie back in 2002, my favourite one of them all was hacked to bits....literally! Rob Zombie’s love for gore was always going to ruin the character of Michael Myers, and a terrible actor replacing Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie did not help either!

 “Friday the 13th” which immediately went off track with its pursuit to have Jason Voorhees the serial killer instead of his Mother (the original storyline) on top of terrible acting and a desperate attempt to shear unnecessary blood!

“A Nightmare on Elm Street” which I might add was not the worst remake. Freddy was darker and scarier but struggled to improve off of the original movie that wasn’t great either. In my opinion

“Texas Chainsaw massacre, dawn of the dead, the Hitcher, the hills have eyes, and on and on and will continue to fail to live up to the original classics.

Horror movies that you can expect to see remade within the next year “IT” (the clown), Scanners, Hell raiser and Childs play....yes, Childs play! Oh and poltergeist! And I am sure many more.

So do we really need more horror remakes? Can’t the Cinemas just release a classic every year? I am sure if it did it would get a lot more views.

The Thing Remake is due out the 2nd December. This will mark another Horror movie remake that should of never been.  Judging by the trailer and the actors in it?  I am expecting more horror from the Lion King 3D! God Help us all.

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