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Friday, 8 June 2012

American Pie: Reunion Review 2012

Jim, Stifler and the rest of the gang return for one last gag. A high school reunion.

It has been 13 years since the release of what was surely one of the best teen comedies of the late 90s. American Pie was, and still is a classic piece of work. Unfortunately I can't say the same for the sequel nor the "Wedding". So what does the latest instalment offer?

A number of years have passed since Jim accepted ditsy Michelle as his lawfully wedded wife. How times have changed for the virgin slash pie lover. Jim Can't seem to find the time and enjoyment he once experienced as his responsibilities include his very own infant. As we see in the trailer things are not going so well for the couple, both are lacking ambition to please each-others sexual needs.

Just like Jim, the rest of the crew have moved on living life as a real adult. A brief reunion between Finch, Oz and Kevin lead to the idea and planning of a high school college reunion. But hey, just like the wedding, do not tell the funniest guy in the movie what is happening, Stifler.

So quite obviously, Stifler finds out and there you have your attempted comedy as Stifler is once again the genius behind the antics he so forcefully drags his buddies into.

Some funny scenes involve the grown men hanging out at beach parties with 16 year old girls etc. There are some nostalgic scenes and some same old material. As always Jim is the victim as he is found embarrassed in some oddly funny circumstances.

I laughed my butt off of what clearly seems ridiculous now as I reminisce on its concept. Once again, Stifler is the joker and if anything probably the one tiny excuse the audience will to use to see the latest instalment.

Unfortunately the film lacks any relation to the word that follows American pie, Reunion? No, far from it. The movie is indeed the same slapstick as the "wedding" as it is at least 95 minutes before the audience get to see any of the previous characters.

American Pie reunion was a laugh of course but I just wanted to see more of the nostalgic characters like the "Sherminator" etc. Instead we got the same old stuff in what seems to become terribly childish and boring. In relation to the previous movie, it is funnier than the wedding (just about) and maybe even Part 2 (its been a while). The chances of you laughing at the stupidity of Jim and Stifler are very high which is genuinely obvious but this reunion is worth one watch only as the future for American pie lies in the past as we will always choose to giggle at the 99" classic that started it all.

I can not help but think the reason behind the latest comedy is the lack of industry work for the cast of the saga. It seems quite obvious as we have really only seen Sean William Scott hit our movie screens with his wacky character "The Goon". Unfortunately for most of the cast, American Pie seems the only route available. Although, would you want to see them in anything else? I mean as brilliantly quirky Jason Biggs can be, he has never really warmth to a successful career.

So all in all, the reunion is a good time in the cinema as we seem to always enjoy the hilarious consequences and filthy scenes involving a group of guys who some might say, have wanted to be one or two of these egos. I for one wanted to be Finch!

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