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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Don't Miss: Dublin City Rap Battles - Thursday 15th

Tomorrow night sees the return of the rap battle scene. RCI (Rappers comp Ireland) present an Ireland v UK battle scene. The Scene? King Seven bar, Dublin.

It has been a while since Dublin hosted such an event, proudly referencing the work put together by Redzer, who opened the doors for those of lyrical quality to make their "spit" carry recognition. DFI (Don't flop Ireland) brought a unique force of talent to clubs around Dublin as I hope to see Redzer's association with the Battle scene go viral once again - Irish rappers revealed

But for now, RCI have provided a line-up that gives enough motive behind why this will be an entertaining event. Here is why:

Rapthor goes up against Chronikill in the main event. Redzer battled Chronikill in London last year when Redzer walked away the winner after a crafty performance that held consistent horse jokes. Rapthor however will not be out of his depth as his own flow of lyrics is held by a multisylibic ingrediant. Coming off a couple of RCI battles, one alongside Carl French, Rapthor's  DFI appearance was a brief and memorable debut when he slayed an effortless Gwame who went up against Rapthor with a 3-2 record.

Simon Young, aka Big Siyo goes up against Gwame. Certainly a battle of the humorous with Siyo going in with the upper hand. Coming off two battles; Barmageddon - a July event which seen Siyo travel to Wolverhampton to battle Eek. A fine performance from both battlers, however the result lead to a defeat for the Artane man. However three months prior, Siyo destroyed Bowski in Leeds using a plethora of fat jokes which proved simple but very affective. "Cause your a big bearded puddin, ya greed for the gluton, I could fit a full pack a polos inside your belly button!". One of Siyo's best performances I am sure he will agree. Gwame on the other hand goes into battle with a lot to say but struggles to land an effective climax. However Gwame could have useful tactics referencing the The Undutchables (Justin Casey, Siyo and Sean O' Leary) who have come under scrutiny from the guards and "Snobs" following their recent busking activities. These events could benefit Gwame when he battles on-form battler, Siyo.

Other battles to look out for: Nash V Carl French, Sam Lav V Chronikill and Genesis V Row B.

The event promises to be one of a kind with the doors opening at 8pm.

For full details on tomorow nights event, see Here

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