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Friday, 29 June 2012

B-Day, 22 Days. Are you Ready?

We were teased before the new year with just under a minutes capture of what was to come in the trilogy, or the end perhaps? A sick commissioner Gordon, a washed up Bruce Wayne and a tired looking Alfred. Like poor Alfred had not already got his work cut out, he now has to deal with a multimillionaire who dresses up as a bat, more than once a year! Not forgetting a flash forward of who could cause the beginning of the end for the caped crusader, Bane! (yeah I used the term caped crusader...George Clooney flashback! Apologies)

Well, time went by, people lived their life and talked about how typically mean Christopher Nolan was to show such lack of activity upon the first trailer. Although lets not forget the term, Teaser? Yes, this is whats used to get Batman/movie fans going viral with their thoughts and opinions. (Vlogs...of course)

Anticipation is an extraordinary thing. It pays off when a second trailer is released, official. Two full minutes of Christopher Nolan's genius concept to be. The trailer shows us Bane, and the chaos to come. Hopefully Tom Hardy's Bane is as cold as he seems, although blowing up an entire football field isn't exactly a "sane" thing to do is it? . So Besides from the sneaky flick of Catwomen and washed up Bruce...again, the highlight of the release is the possible plot to the movie. Bane wants to end Gotham and its only hope for survival.

"When Gotham is in Ashes, then you will have my permission to die" Tom Hardy's Bane

So then there is the third and final piece to this ridiculous, yet acceptable build up to what could be the best super-hero movie ever. On that note, is it wrong to say super-hero? on the basis of it been Christopher Nolan's masterpiece? I mean lets face it, as much as Batman has a history of being the super-hero/caped crusader in the past, this trilogy seems far from a "Save the Day" novel.

There are numerous additions to this trailer. The intro shows Bane and his affiliates hijacking a plane, in mid-air! obviously! I can't help but flashback to the bank scene in the Dark Knight. We all remember the classic introduction to the Joker and what he was all about. A first taste of his tricks to come. Oh, and a grenade in the mouth! I would be guessing the hijacking of the plane might just be the intro to The Dark Knight rises. Why wouldn't it be? It will definitely work. Plus we would all be lying to ourselves if we say we are more excited to see the Batman than Tom Hardy's portrayal as Bane...?

"I will not bury you, iv buried enough members of the Wayne family" - Michael Cain's Alfred

So if the destruction of Bane was not enough to show in the previous trailer, this one will settle the mind, for a while anyway. We see two bridges in Gotham collapse, we see the football field again, which is still a cool scene. This trailer gains serious advantage in relation to others regarding specific characters in the movie. Catwomen for instance. Anne Hathaway? I'm not convinced. Not on the basis of her reputation as an actor, but Catwomen's overall presence and relevance to the movie is yet to convince me. Although the chemistry between Bruce and Cindy, of what we are shown anyway looks a brilliant blend. The dance scene in the trailer where Selina tells Bruce in the nicest way possible,

"Theres a storm coming Mr Wayne"...Cold and nostalgic in relation to "Batman Returns". Ps no matter the out-come of this movie, Michelle Pfeiffer will always be the true Catwomen.

"You dont owe these people anything" - Catwomen

The fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt also joins the cast is anonymous. It was great to see his brief appearance and hopefully makes for a good character as I rate him highly as an actor. In fact, who is he supposed to be? I am guessing either a crazed Batman fan, a down in the dumps journalist, rookie cop perhaps? or, wait for it...ROBIN!!? (Please no)

So anyway the trailer shows more washed up Bruce Wayne. He seems exhausted, weak and bewildered. It seems this is were Bane takes advantage. But never worry, I am sure there is an eye-opening speech that Alfred has prepared for when master Bruce says "No more". There is an upgrade in Wayne technology of course. The bat-jet,...or plane or car. yes flying car. According to Batman, he tells Catwomen "It's not a car" (Horse throat). Batman? c'mon, it's a car, with wings. A pretty cool car that I cannot wait to explore with my beautiful ability to see. :)

That pretty much covers it until its release JULY 20. I will update my blog if necessary. Until then, good luck. Ps Below is an exclusive picture of Tom Hardy's Bane, without the suit! :)

Links to the three trailers released below.

* The Dark Knight Rises #3 [youtube=]
* The Dark Knight Rises trailer #2 [youtube=]
* The Dark Knight Teaser trailer [youtube=]

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