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Monday, 25 June 2012

The Five-Year Engagement Review 2012

So before Jason Segel was to revel in success, he was advised by a good friend in the movie industry. That good friend was a guy by the name of Nicholas Stoller. That advice was on the basis of being a true success out in movie-land (Hollywood) and in order for his talents to be identified, he must write and create his own characters.

Since then he has done wonders, including the hilarious "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"(2008), "Get him to the Greek"(2011) as well as a memorable resurrection of "The Muppets"(2011). He returns to the screen with long-time friend Emily Blunt in The Five Year Engagement.

Tom (Segel) is a long-time chef in San-Francisco. A well established one at that, he is destined to spend the rest of his life with Violet (Blunt). After only a year since they met, in what was hilarious circumstances, Tom proposes to Violet in what is quite the funny introduction to Tom's awkward ego. Awkward being an understatement.

Both seem financially settled as Violet's career in psychology seems to reach new heights everyday. Things turn sour when Violet receives an invitation into what seems a once in a life time opportunity, the unfortunate thing for Tom is that the position she dreams of is in Michigan! The prospect of life in snowy temperatures sails over the head of Tom as he shows his desire to Violet by agreeing the move, believing his cooking abilities will be an advantage else where.

As Tom is destined for a revived career in Michigan, he struggles to find a position to his standard. (previously a head chef).

The comedy evolves through-out the time of the movie, as well as the time in the movie! A five year engagement may seem acceptable to those suffering financially, but in Tom and Violet's circumstances, the reality is that the people around them are dying waiting on this wedding to happen...literally!

Tom's best friend and former cook buddy Alex (Chris Pratt) is hilarious with his constant irritating, childish behaviour! What was once Tom's life back home, is now run by Alex. To make matters worse for Tom and Violet, Alex marries Violet's sister in such short time, in what slowly evolves into a game of envy and jealousy!

As Tom quickly struggles with life in Michigan, Violet is loving her new position as she fights off her former lover and current boss Winton (Rhys Ifans) who appears destined to help Violet settle into her new life. Although Violet and Tom have a faithful relationship, it is when Violet's love for psychology and Tom's desire to hurry the wedding that result in a clash of fate and different desires that adds a touch of drama to this Rom-com.

The Five year engagement succeeds with it's hilarious round-up of numerous characters who individually know how to make this movie their own. Violet's cast of new workmates are genius as she tries adjusting to the weirdness and seriousness of each individual.

Watch as family members anticipating this so-called wedding cry for help as we get to see matters worsen for poor Tom Solomon. As people around Tom are moving on, living in what appears a better life back home, Tom struggles with the workmates of his new position...and his insanity!

The Five year Engagement is definitely worth a watch, although any comparison to the previous work of Jason Segel will be left for yourself. As for me, I went into this movie with little or no hope as I avoided "Jeff who lives at home" (Was that a mistake?) and I really disliked "I love you man". Apart from minor screen roles, I rate Jason Segel highly and believe with certain comedians (former I should say) truly stuffed their careers with rubbish movies, Mr Segel will continue to entertain us!

Overall: Surprisingly funny and worth a watch

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