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Monday, 7 January 2013

Box Office 2013 - Predictable America

Texas Chainsaw 3D is continuing to out-do the crafty work of both Quentin Tarantino and Peter Jackson.


The box office has released a shocking yet quite predictable outcome in terms of the American audience. Texas Chainsaw 3D is the latest (desperate) attempt at reviving a franchise that is well and truly deceased. The fact director John Luessenhop is calling this a sequel to the 1974 classic is not only laughable, but a clear cut creation that lacks serious initiative. Towering above critically acclaimed movies such as The Hobbit, DjangoUnchained and musical lovers - Les Miserables, Texas Chainsaw has gathered a whopping 23million - Really!
Although Texas Chainsaw has leaped due to its lonesome release in American cinemas, it would be logical for it to fall quickly, unless the audience continue to throw away their money!
In second is Django Unchained at 20million followed by The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at 17.5 million; read my review here.
Les Mis√©rables sits at 4th with 16.1million while Parental Guidance holds 5th with 10.1million (Jesus).
I do agree on the positions above as Tom Cruise's latest flick Jack Reacher holds 6th with 9.3million; and rightly so! I am sick to death of seeing the trolls of Tom Cruise claiming this to be so "awesome", really? are we really that gullible? Anyway I am yet to go and see Jack Reacher. Anyone who has please give me an honest review...
Check out the full chart at box office mojo!

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