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Monday, 14 January 2013

Zack Snyder to take on Star Wars

The reports are strong with this one...sorry! IMDB and numerous websites are reporting the most recent news that Zack Snyder will have his hands on a Star Wars universe (eventually).

Following the mega-deal that saw Disney snap up Lucas Film, George Lucas was safe to declare himself out of the frame but will no doubt lurk the backgrounds (for back-up I suppose). Although the media can only guess the next director to step up to the plate, Zack Snyder has said he will in fact make a Star Wars movie, but reports suggest it will be "post" trilogy. Zack denies any future relationship with Star Wars episode VII, instead he looks to focus on a new galaxy that will parallel alongside the George Lucas trilogy.

In terms of the distant plot, Zack is looking to create an origin of Jedi's based on Seven Samurai; a 1954 sword wielding movie directed by Akira Kurosawa. The black and white flick is an apparent cult masterpiece that follows the recruitment of seven unemployed samurais to defend a village under attack. Sounds crazy, particularly for those with no knowledge of the movie, however IMDB rates it a cracking 8.8/10.

Although Snyder's take will fall into the previous episodes chronologically, it looks to be a stand alone episode with a broader view into the abyss of the galaxy.

It's safe to say fans won't turn their nose up just yet and would be quite foolish considering the visual creations of 300 (2006) in which he made Gerard Butler look half decent. We got Watchmen (2009), a mediocre remake of Dawn of the Dead (2004) and of course the eagerly anticipated Man of Steel set for release this year.

For more on this visit Vulture.

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