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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Jambo - Intervention

In comparison to what Irish Rappers are doing lately, Intervention carries originality; advertising a working-class persona we can all communicate with.

Since buying Jambo's Intervention a while back, finally and thankfully I am about to review what seems to be a low-key album from a highly classed rapper. Upon its release in October, Jambo entered a social society that was, not for the first time, at a peak of Irish rap. Prior to Intervention, Jambo released Dawn till Dusk; produced by Johnny boy and Atha Cliath Records. It was centred around social matters, politics and the current affairs of the working class.

While Lethal Dialect and Costello stole the airwaves with LD50 and Illosophical, a Jambo round two was surrounded by an aura of anticipation with an album that he might agree, should have dropped sooner. Never the less, does Intervention live up to the constant hype surrounding Irish rap? or does it fall under a nonsense category where you will find a minority of rappers..

From the off, you know you are listening to a new breed of rapper, supplying a dose of originality with the first track; The Habitat which is exactly as it's titled, with the now populated vocals of Willa Lee darkening a story that Jambo himself describes using a nostalgic childhood and so fort.

"When I got me first scare me hand was slammed to the front porch, I was laughed at, till I scrapped back me eyes swelled my nose poured" = The Habitat

A consistent plethora of back up vocals are heard through-out the course of the album with Willa Lee hovering in the background with The Human Condition; a reflection of society's youth and the judgement surrounding their actions. The Human Condition is the first video release of the album and currently stands at 43,000 views. Some of the more dumbed down tracks include Orla Keogh with A Peace of Mind and Design us to fall; another perspective of social classes featuring Dean Doonan and the backing vocals of Garry O'Brien.

"They design us to fall in a world we never had a chance of making it out" - Jambo

Insight is a mellowed track offering a laid back feel with the echoed vocals of Garry O'Brien who in the mist of all the rap lyrics show cases a real talent. Jambo spits a more emotional take on life and more so ambitions and regrets that have only come around at what could be perceived as quite late in his path. Insight stands out as one of the best tracks on the album.

Intervention lacks any sense of greed with Jambo inviting the talent from around, with Costello , Joe Mac and Jackknife-J showcasing a verse on Separated Mind state. Turn the Lights on is another one of many tracks that is just magnificent to listen to in terms of the beat involved. Intensely spit through someone with nothing but desire, telling a story that lacks any sign of slowing down.

Mixed and Mastered (as they say) by Jack Knife-J who creates and combines an album with beats that are well and truly unheard of in Irish rap. Jambo won't mind me saying it is the beats that help make Intervention a delightful listen with the lyrics providing a dark yet truthful concept to life.

Intervention auditions a consistent habit for word play; "I'm trying to get perspective, but this life deceptive can't make sense of me life's perception, theres way to many smiles trying to hide deceptions, to many ex friends that forced best intentions for me to see connections" - Perspective

Jambo is heard practising his talent using his North side accent that is proudly expressed through-out the majority of tracks. However the accent of our very own can be argued till the death, and I would not be harsh in saying a small minority, particularly those new to the rap game might find it hard to understand what exactly Jambo is saying. As strong as my own accent is, It took me a couple of scans to really involve myself with an album that in truth, supplies so much meaning.

Overall: Intervention belongs with the very few quality albums released last year. Proudly independent, Jambo's vision is consistently represented through his fantastic word-play.


You can download Intervention from the band camp Here

Intervention - Track List

1) The Habitat Feat Willa Lee
2) The Human Condition Feat Willa Lee
3) Turn The Lights On
4) Perspective
5) Separated Mind state Feat Costello, Joe Mac and JackKnife-J
6) City Lights Feat Emily Grace
7) All I know Feat Danny Rhymez
8) Fallin Design Feat Dean Doonan and Garry O'Brien
9) Intervention Feat Lethal Dialect
10) Bullheaded Feat Willa Lee and Jackknife-J
11) Insight Feat Garry O'Brien
12) Peace Of Mind Feat Orla Keogh

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