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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

College: What Richard did (281)

Lenny Abrahamson is known for mastering the independent classic, Adam and Paul (2005). He looks to grab your attention to a different topic. We follow Richard (Jack Reynor) and his "Molly coddled" lifestyle.

Richard (Jack Reynor) lives a charming life with wealthy backgrounds; he spends his summer days with friends and having the "craic" in the family beach home. His sights are on Laura (Roisin Murphy) who to his unfortunate circumstance is tied up with Connor (Sam Keeley).

It centres upon numerous images and silent embarks of Richard reminiscing at his beach home, driving his car, eating cereal, and smoking silently as he stares into oblivion in almost every shot. It got so boring first off I began to believe that all of these activities are what Richard actually did.  He gets closer to Laura; however the dramatic portrayal of the movie finally kicks in when an argument outside a party leaves Connor dead.

The suspense and the dramatic follow up is what makes the first half feel terrible to the second half, and unfortunately it is. We see the acting skills from numerous actors including Jack Reynor and his father Peter (Lars Mikkelsen), who both create probably the only seen worth remembering.

The problem with the film is not the acting, but the plot was so weak. The movie was quite short in 87 minutes and lacked development between any characters, resulting in a lack of emotion for such a serious premise.

Overall; beautifully shot no doubt, but really slow on developing a lack of emotion and dull scenes of practically nothing. However Jack Reynor gives a performance that does convince you of an enjoyable portrayal of character.

Read my extended review.

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