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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Exciting Movies 2012

2011 was a pretty average year for movies. The big screen supplied us with more stinkers than greats! In my last post I listed the top 5 movies of my opinion of course...although I was confident most would agree. :)

2012 looks promising.  The following is a brief list of 10 exciting movies...and one to AVOID!

                                          Safe House

Starring: Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.

Plot: Rookie CIA officer Reynolds is giving the ultimate task when former CIA officer gone fugitive Washington, is captured and taken into a "Safe house". The objective seems more than a simple protection assignment for Reynolds as it seems the law isn't the only group after Washington.

Reason you should see: Denzel Washington has been hiding lately. We all know his talents, particularly as the bad guy. Safe house looks along the lines of Training Day, which isn't such a bad thing. Also it should be good to see Ryan Reynolds play a more serious role...something he couldn't even do in Blade 3. (although it would be unfair to blame the crisis in that movie on one actor alone!)
I do agree in some trailers being awfully this case, I fail to agree.

Released Date: February



Starring: Woody Harrelson

Plot: Harrelson plays Dave, a Vietnam vet and current police officer. Dave is as corrupt as they come. Patrolling the streets and dedicating himself to what he believes, is self justice. Dave continues to bend the rules until an incident is caught on camera of him assaulting a bystander.

Why you should see: Woody Harrelson, unfortunately isn't known for appearing in great movies. Sure, the Money train, Kingpin and White men can't jump were fun at the time? But they ain't no classics! Rampart is sure to give Woody the acting credits he deserves. We had "Bad lieutenant" with Nicolas Cage not too long ago but Woody Harrelson as corrupt Dave is going to blow Nicolas cage out of the water, not only for acting, but the overall movie it self.

Release Date: February 10th


                                 The Dark Knight Rises

Starring: Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Michael Cain and Gary Oldman

Plot: 8 years have gone by, and Bruce Wayne and Gotham city face bigger problems upon the arrival of one of Batman's most feared enemies... Bane!

Reason you should see: If the trailer isn't a good enough reason for you too see, try sitting down and watching Christopher Nolan's previous work in this fantastic Batman trilogy!

Release Date: July 2012


                                            Project X

Starring: Oliver Cooper, Jonathan Daniel Brown and Thomas Mann

Plot: 3 high school friends organise an off the hook birthday party to make a name for themselves leading to extraordinary events!

Reason you should see: Well, for the first time, the viewer might actually enjoy a documentary style movie and it is another hilarious comedy from the genius's behind the hangover. A very original looking movie, and once again, to brush off the documentary concept? it's safe to say it's monster free...and ghost if you like.

Release Date:March 2nd 2012


Starring: Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace and Patrick Wilson

Plot: A group of explores find themselves fighting to save the human race...(and themselves of course) after finding an exciting lead into the origins of mankind, leaving them into a terrifying battle across the universe!

Reason you should see: What started out as an "Alien" prequel was quickly squashed. But never the less, Ridley Scott makes this trailer look big....bigger than big! In fact, remember the first "Alien" trailer? of course you do. Prometheus has nostalgic written all over it. Epic.

Release date:June 2012


                                The Amazing Spiderman

Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans

Plot: Peter Parker finds a clue to which he believes can lead him to the disappearance of his parents. His curious path See's him collide with, what could be Spidermans' next arch enemy, Dr. Connors.

Reason you should see: Being a Spiderman fan would a be a pretty darn obvious reason to see this remake, but also, I for one, and I am sure many will cancel plans to see if the spiderman franchise needed to be remade? things for sure, the trailer is deliciously convincing.

Release Date: Summer 2012


                      Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie

Starring: Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim

Plot: Tim and Eric are two odd balls who receive a hefty loan of a billion dollars to make what they believe is going to be an epic movie. Their plan quickly goes down the drain, leaving both of them promoting a dying shopping mall to pay back the money.

Reason you should see: Because the trailer looks hilarious and very original. The last time I seen something look this ridiculous was Clerks, and Jay and Silent Bob strikes Back. I don't know if I should be aware of the two actors? anyway who cares. It's getting a good build up so far, so fingers crossed, it could be the comedy to see this summer.

Release Date: Summer 2012



Plot: For the first time, cameras capture the life of a Chimpanzee family, focusing on a young chimp in particular, who eventually gets left behind to fend for himself in the Ugandan Rain forest.

Reason you should see: No doubt the documentary to see this summer.

Release Date: Summer 2012


                                           Titanic 3D

Starring: Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet

Plot: A true story covering the tragic events of the Titanic disaster and a love story surrounding it.

Reason you should see: Well one, if you have not seen already, and two to get a chance to see what could be, one of the best attempts at a 3D movie.

Release Date: Summer 2012


                                        The Avengers

Starring: Robert Downy Jr, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johannson etc...

Plot: Finally after the tremendous build up, Nick Fury recruits a group of super humans known as the Avengers, and together they will save the earth. (Very Cartoon dialogue wasn't it?)

Reason you should see: Any fan of Marvel, or if you are just into genuine entertainment? this is for you. This would not be my particular choice of movie, given the fact I sat through "Thor" and "Captain America" last year....but the Hulk and Iron man also star, so hopefully it won't be as cheesey as previous marvel movies. Although I often forget the fact Marvel is now owned by Disney....:(  

Release date: USA 4th of May, as for UK and Eire?

    And my personal choice on what not to see this year!!!!

                                           A thousand Words, Starring...

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