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Friday, 21 December 2012

Seven Psychopaths

             Harrelson, Rockwell and Walken all good....Farrell, not so much!

From Martin McDonagh comes another brilliantly developed movie with the characteristics similar to that of  In Bruges (2008).
Let's start by saying upon the release of the trailer, there wasn't a movie that looked as unattractive as this one. I mean I did not want to see this movie, in fact I passed this one up to see Rise Of The Guardians at one stage. Why? well an apparent dark and twisted comedy just didn't look that funny. I have been wrong before, and I am yet again.
Seven psychopaths tells the story of a struggling screen writer who through-out the mundane events in life has lacked the activity of the pen. Based in Los Angeles, Marty (Colin Farrell) is mind-set on creating a love story, with a touch of violence. The movie? seven psychopaths. Although a writers block refrains him from lifting off, it seems a designated plot comes round when friends Billy (Sam Rockwell) and Hans (Christopher Walken) steal a Shih-Tzu from the wrong guy.
Running a corruption business that involves a rob and return routine, the guys are unaware of the gangster reputation behind Charlie (Woody Harrelson). Marty gets caught up inadvertently, leaving a mess that he Billy and Hans must clean up (to stay alive).
The introduction to McDonagh's four year return immediately describes the sheer madness to come. Seven psychopaths is hilariously gory and extremely unpredictable. Marty is an alcoholic character who is centred as the main character and carries a storyline that could have done without his presence; maybe it was the Irish accent I couldn't take to? I have seen Colin in some decent flicks, but his original-self didn't blend so well with the other characters.
The characters of both Walken and Sam Rockwell give this movie the psychotic premise the critics are labelling it as. The comedic performance from Rockwell is the highlight of a movie narrated so well by Farrell, but I simply didn't fancy is performance. The bloody graphics and Harrelson's bipolar villain is enough to convince you.
This might sound crazy but the movie appeared made up the longer it went on. I felt that way because it was that crazy. The wonderful concept is yet again the dark and twisted humour, offering some cracking dialogue between certain characters, particularly Hans who, behind his criminal lifestyle  cares for his cancer stricken wife.
Overall: Seven Psychopaths is one of the most surprisingly enjoyable movies of 2012. With quite an original concept, and a fine cast of veterans, it is a nice send off to what has been a fantastic year at the movies.

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  1. Very goofy flick, but also one that really kept me involved the whole time with it’s wild, dark, and sinister-like humor. Loved it just about from start to finish, and can’t complain about anything else. Great review Gerry.