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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Happy Birthday Richard Pryor

Fans and Hollywood personalities will be taking time out today to reflect on Richard Pryor and the life he lived; leaving behind an influential path for those to follow. Just as Bill Cosby did for Richard, he did the same in his wake with comedians such as Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock to name a few. A large majority have embraced and represented the on-stage ego of Richard Pryor.
Richard carried a life of mixed montages, with multiple marriages and a media established drug addiction. However concerts such as Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip (1982)Richard Pryor: Live in Concert (1979) and Richard Pryor... Here and Now (1983) created the comedic icon we fell in love with. Richard is one of the stand-out most influential comedians to ever brace a stage.

                                   Richard is 65 today. Happy Birthday and RIP (1940 - 2005)

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