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Monday, 10 December 2012

Rise Of The Guardians

        Rise Of The Guardians rekindles the imagination we thought we had lost

In a world outside of the norm, the North Pole to be exact, Santa and affiliates are forced to regroup in a bid to prevent the Boogieman from taking over the world. The only problem is they ain't strong enough; introducing Jack Frost to help the rise of the guardians!

Dreamworks creates yet another fantastic animation that shows once again Disney does not rule the imagination of the audience.

Jack Frost (Chris Pine) is bewildered to the fact he possesses a rare power, although it becomes a point of acceptance 300 years later. Given to him by the moon, his perks involve invisibility, flying and to pretty much turn everything to ice. However Jack is part of a collection of guardians but doesn't know it yet.

The North Pole is home to North aka Santa (Alec Baldwin). North is the Leader of the guardians;  Tooth (Isla Fisher),  Bunny (Hugh Jackman) and the Sandman who all thrive on making the lives of children very happy. However when Pitch (boogieman) played by Jude Law shows up, a year by year agenda of celebrations take a turn for the worse as he sets on vanishing any such beliefs in the guardians, creating an impact of nightmares for the children. It is then that the "Moon" decides to invite Jack Frost as the new guardian in a bid to save the world from utter darkness. Much to the dislike of Bunny and Co, the guardians are forced to accept Jack as their own in a desperate fight against the dark and brilliantly humorous, Pitch.

An original tale, Rise of the Guardians is brilliantly told through the eyes of Jack Frost and other imaginative characters we have all believed in. Santa is visioned far from the jolly old fella we have all waited on Christmas eve; he holds an egotistic personality with a funny accent. Both naughty and nice, the pros of being a historic figure to children is still referenced nicely through-out. Bunny, as in the Easter bunny was my favourite character. Ironically perceived as an Australian Kangaroo, make no mistake he is a grumpy bunny and even more so when he confronts Jack in numerous altercations.

Jude Law plays a boogieman that only a child could have imagined; making Rise of The Guardians all the more appropriate. Aside from Yetties instead of Elf's, and Bunny's boomerangs instead of Eggs, this short tale is a consistent ingredient of comedy and originality with 97 minutes of wonderful CGI animation.

Overall: Rise of the Guardians is beautifully constructed with scenes that pull off with, or without 3D glasses. Just one of many animated movies this year, Rise of The guardians will stand out in terms of the originality involved.


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