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Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

The release of Twilight Breaking Dawn - Part 2 can only call for one thing - celebration. Cinema-goers around the globe will be celebrating the end of a terrible franchise, for now. However there is a large minority who will probably shed a tear while they try and get to grip with life after Edward. So before I can truly celebrate, an important review is beyond my eager finger tips; Breaking Dawn part 2, or as the french would say, part deux.

Life in the Cullen house is no different, well, beside from a reformed Bella (Kristen Stewart) and the kid she shares with Edward (Robert Pattinson). Vampires and wolves go about there day to day mundane lives as life in the woods is just never ending (literally).

It's an introduction to soft, yet twisted music as we are thrown into the bond that both Bella and Edward share. We learn the once bookish sweetheart is now a greedy blood sucker (that's my girl!). Although many of lifes ambitions are now at her advantage, Bella is yet to control her thirst for blood as she fights to avoid the hunger for humans. This comes as a disadvantage to her as Jacob (Taylor Lautner) is guarding Bella's daughter Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy) in fear of Bella's thirst. However the Cullen house is never dull for long as the relationship between Bella, Jacob and Edward form a family unit that focuses on what is best for Renesmee; who is half human half vampire (apparently that's extraordinary).

A plot we have seen once too many in the franchise arrives at our door, snapping the letterbox in desperate need to sell us something. When a false accusation gets back to the Volturi, the affiliation is sent into panic. They believe a child like Enesmee will damage the existence of the Vampire race beliveing she holds a unique power that is not worth the risk. Leader of the Volturi, Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) is determined for answers and leads the cult toward Bella and the Cullen family. While there is only so many happy montages we can take in a Twilight flick, enough is enough as word gets back to the house concerning the safety of Enesmee. Edward an co begin to recruit Vampire families from around the way to support an possibly fight against the Volturi.

The majority of Breaking Dawn part 2 is a round up of silly sequences between Jacob, Bella and Enesmee as we get a glimpse of Edward's ridiculous attempt for a smile every so often. The movie begs for interest with the introduction of the Volturi, but you just know that even the antagonist will have no impact in this follow-up. Twilight continues to centre around a fake romance that involvs everyone; family, friends, vampires, wolves, the lack of chemistry as well as acting skills is down right disgusting.

This review is analysed by a movie fanatic so I look for aspects in every film, good and bad. They say a males perspective of Twilight will always differ from that of females, but I understand what the entire franchise has tried to offer; imagination, romance, masculinity and a tear-jerking plot. If you are looking for what I have listed, you will not find it in Twilight because if you are judging the movie for what it truly is you will know it is a story taken from a book. The fantasy novel held the responsibility of a good possible story line, however the onscreen adaption has failed upon two vital ingredients; acceptable acting and acceptable plot. I failed to accept either.

In my Breaking Dawn review I said the previous flicks are mundane and sometimes quite bearable. I then followed up on saying I might regret saying that. I do. However my honesty will still prevail and will admit to saying that the original Twilight is not all that bad (I might regret saying that). Just like the one previous, Twilight continued to offer nothing new with the same irrelevant characters (and actors) with a plot that just spells laziness and quite silly and hilariously boring.

I said the same with the BD part 1 review; "I would fail to understand why twlights' biggest fanatics could even enjoy this trash" (echo)

Overall: A less than half decent ending could not change my consensus. It is a terrible film in every way shape or form. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are more irritating than ever. Just like it's predecessors, Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 is hopeless!


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