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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

College: House at the end of the street (267)

Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) is the first to find conspicuous events surrounding the landscape of their new home and the rural town within. Her mother Sarah (Elisabeth Shue) is desperate to remain optimistic and sees it a fresh start.

Elissa is more than helpful after learning a murder had occurred in their new home, leading to flirty chats between herself and ideal genre heartthrob Ryan (Max Thieriot) - the son and last remaining member of the murdered family. The suspect is Ryan's younger sister who has not been seen since the killing. While a myth of sister lurks the backyard of the woods, we see Ryan is holding her on basement arrest.

With the plot praying on a routine escape from the enslaved sister, most of the movie focuses on a developing relationship between Elissa and Ryan. The film gets to the point where you forget there is a girl being starved in Ryan's basement. The movies backbone is depending on the occasional fright from the sister while trying to balance a chemistry of love that blends together like Tabasco and tea!

The majority of the film was rubbish as the Gremlins offers a more suspenseful taste than this.

With an old school introduction that was quite pleasing on the eye, the majority of the film was rubbish. The twist at the end does not make up for the first 95 minutes. The Gremlins offers a more suspenseful taste than this

Overall; a mundane attempt at a tiring genre. Another cheap concept involving suspense and characters that where downright careless. Wait for Sinister!

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