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Friday, 30 December 2011

Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol Review 2011

Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible 4. The Fourth instalment, Ghost Protocol, sees the fall of the IMF organisation as Ethan seeks to recruit a team of experts to help prevent the launch of nuclear weapons from a Russian Terrorist.

The movie's plot begins with the bombing of the Kremlin in Russia were a Russian source pin-points America's IMF organisation as prime suspects. In a desperate bid to start a war between the two countries, Ethan (Cruise) as well as his boss feel it is best the IMF is abolished but sheds light on an opportunity for Ethan and a hand -picked crew to investigate and prevent further assaults from the Russian terrorist.

The cast in MI4 is a delight. As always, Ethan is accompanied by Benji (Simon Pegg) who is back to his old tricks as there is nothing standing in the way when he is involved. New to the series is Jeremy Renner who we know from Ben Affleck's The Town. Jeremy plays Brandt, a so called observer in the IMF. There is more than meets the eye with Brandt as he is a smart character but brings a lot of negativity to the crew. What would a Mission Impossible movie be without the hot female? Introducing Jane, played by Paula Patton. This is a woman that cannot be messed with! Delicate looks can be deceiving as she does more ass kicking in this movie than any other in the franchise.

Ghost Protocol is no hit and miss. This was a quality movie. In fact I believe the best in the series so far. (I say so far because Ethan will be back...I think). The action sequences were the best I have seen in a long time. MI4 avoids your typical blockbuster make no sense type a flick, this was a genuine entertaining film. We all dowelled on the Original Mission Impossible for so long, but now people will be surprised they might actually find Ghost Protocol the best of the bunch.

Certain Scenes like When Ethan is scales the Tallest Building in Dubai. Okay we all seen clips in the trailer previous, but that part in the movie was extraordinary! The whole time through that scene my mind was racing with the fact Tom Cruise performed that particular stunt? and the rest! Absolutely brilliant. There is a scene not long after when a massive sandstorm covers the area as Ethan is caught up in a game a cat and mouse.

Overall a fantastic movie. We might all agree on one thing, the fact that Mission Impossible 2 wasn't too bad and MI3 took the biscuit a bit. Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol is a quality return to what we will always remember Tom Cruise as...Ethan Hunt! (and roll the spy tune....)

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