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Friday, 16 December 2011

The Thing Review 2011

The Thing. Not John Carpenters cult classic, but an apparent prequel to the original. Let's face it, last year when myself, as well as most heard of a new release of the Thing? automatically I thought, okay, another horror remake. Horror remakes, or any remake if you like have an awful habit of staying a float in the sink for a good hour or so before quickly releasing the plug as we watch, happily, as it flows down the drain! It surprised me a couple of days ago before seeing the movie that they had set it out to be a prequel to the first. That was the reason I decided to push myself into seeing it without having to judge it based on John Carpenter's version.

So here we go. Kate Llode (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is a graduate student who some how finds herself tagging along side a Dr Sander Halvorson, who's played by Ulrich Thomsen. The two, also accompanied by a group of scientists and pilots are held together at an Antarctica Research facility (a couple a miles from the 1982 base might I add).

It becomes clear that Dr Sanders is after something not yet known to the rest of the crew. The movie eventually lifts off after they discover the alien life form frozen in one giant ice cube! The find quickly lights up the eyes of Sanders as he sees this as a great discovery that could possible get his name down in history. Himself and the scientist pitch an idea of moving the alien from outside into a Lab inside were they can run some tests and try discover what exactly they are dealing with.

Kate, who seems paranoid over the idea of running tests on the alien creature quickly makes it known to Sanders about her feelings and safety. We get introduced to Carter (Joel Edgerton) who is a pilot for the facility. Kate turns to Carter after failing to talk to Sanders out of his plans. According to Dr Sanders, they have made the discovery of a life time as he fails to understand why Kate is blind to that.

A good half hour into the movie was all it took for the Thing to be left alone. The crew had left it out back, still in the ice cube. I am guessing to let the ice melt? Then Boom! the Thing is released and goes on a rampage. The idea of it's agility to kill and transform by embracing human cells is quality. It was nice to see it keep the same isolated scene...kind of like in Alien? Were in space it said no one can here you scream? yeah, kind of along the lines of that. But not as amazing...obviously. The idea of any group of people being picked off one by one by anything always makes for an entertaining movie.

The CGI in the Thing, was in fact horrific. There was one part, without saying, that was pretty decent, but the rest was hideous. In modern day effects in movies, especially one that's supposed to involve a gruesome looking alien? they should have done miles better with the look of the Thing. I did not want to rub off the original too much, although I might have had already, but the director labelled it a prequel? A lot of what you see in this is exactly what you will find in the 1982 version.

As for characters, there is no one in this movie that you grow to like, or even dislike. They are all quite anonymous. Joel Edgerton, who is clearly supposed to be the equivalent to Kurt Russel's character just never takes off. It is fair to say Joel is the best actor in the movie, but in fairness most of the characters never got a look in. My point is there was never a character in the movie you find yourself rooting for. Maybe the Thing? but that's it.
Overall the movie stuck to some important spectacles of the original. The chilling base isolated in the middle of the Antarctica definitely succeeded in adding horror to the movie. I was delighted to still hear the creepy tune that plays through-out the movie. There were scenes I did find myself jumping to, to be honest. The cinema can do that to you sometimes!

So fans of the 1982 classic might find this movie hard to avoid. I would advise them to see it to judge themselves. The Thing is also for any horror fans just looking for a good scare mixed with the entertainment of watching humans get splattered! This was in no way a bad movie, but unfortunately fails to be anything other than mediocre.

I believe, if this was meant as a prequel? it should have been giving a title, with a title. So instead it is just the Thing? just like, the Thing in 1982. But hey, don't be fooled...apparently it isn't a remake.

A horror movie that is worth a watch, but don't expect to remember it after your next movie of choice.

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