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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Twilight:Breaking Dawn Review 2012

The blood thirsty saga continues with the fourth in the twilight trilogy, Breaking Dawn part 1.

The love story evolves ever more between Edward and Bella as they both continue to fight off surrounding personalities in a desperate bid to be together. As always, wolf boy slash action man wanna be Jacob goes from jealousy to anger when he receives a wedding invitation, regarding Edward and Bella.

Things spiral out of control as the plot of this story trys making sense by engaging in a storyline the viewer might possibly but not nearly relate to (sarcastic tone). Bella finds out not long after the wedding that she is pregnant....with a vampire,...for a vampire! I mean Edward! So without spoiling much (without much to spoil) Bella and the Cullen family are caught up in a desperate fight against the wolf pack, as word quickly spreads about Bella's strange situation.

Jacob, considering himself the leader of the wolf pack, comes to the conclusion of making sure Bella does not give birth as it could end up killing his childhood sweetheart. So all in all, with Bella being pregnant for the wolf packs' fierce enemy, and continuous misery brought on to poor Jacob, this could only mean an all out war between Vampires and wolves right? WRONG! Because we already got that jazz in the first three movies. Breaking Dawn offers the Twilight fan more fake romance, dull humour with a bloody concept that will disturb the average human brain.

The acting was terrible. I won't lie, Iv seen the previous movies, and although I hated the build up and madness surrounding them, they were not that bad (I could possibly regret saying that!) Breaking Dawn however left me feeling horrible with a total waste of life. My reason for seeing it was the obvious, yet a useless excuse that was, I had seen the previous movies.

Unfortunately Breaking Dawn Part 1 clearly means a part 2 is on the way. It will be the sequel of the century that one must AVOID as the End of Breaking Dawn as well as the full 100mins left me feeling nothing but shear hatred for Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart. I would fail to understand why twlights' biggest fanatics could even enjoy this trash. There is no hiding the fact Robert pattinson's apparent good looks seems to attract the biggest viewers, but he has the acting skills of a snail.

So as a general movie buff or Twilight Fanatic, what have you made of it?  By the way, my opinion was far from your typical male view because I can admit to half enjoying the previous ones. But when you continue to Have Mr Pattinson's presence in such a dragged out trilogy... the future for his acting, and the saga will equal to nothing less than termination.
Hasta La Vista...Baby!!!

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