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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 Review 2011

Another year, yet another guy decides setting up cameras in the family home is a great idea.... in Paranormal Activity 3.

When Paranormal Activity first came to our screens in 2007, it brought something very different and unique. The frightening story based on supernatural occurrence in a house occupied by loved up couple Katie and Micah who are both haunted by an unseen presence. On the release, the movie grossed in at around 190,000,000.

Without touching on the sequel too much, let us just say it failed to live up to the success of the first movie. Upon its release in 2010, the sequel pretty much gave us the same thing but adding one or two more impressive camera tricks.

Paranormal Activity 3 takes us back to you might of seen in the trailer, how it all began! Two Sisters Katie and Kristi are toddlers who begin to experience the happenings in their family home, where it appears the younger of the two Katie befriends a spirit in the house....unfortunately for her, it ain't Casper!

According to Katie, her demonic friend goes by the name of Toby. We do not get to see much of this Toby of course because the parents seem to think that Katie, who we see talking to herself (Toby...) is so young that she will grow out of it, how wrong they were!

Anyways, noises get louder by the night, and frames drop from the wall, the usual jazz. Like the first two, the father (Why always the man?) starts thinking, hang on? somethings not right here, let's set up some cameras and see what we get, and what we get is indeed some hair-raising stuff!

Once the cameras are in location around the house, it really does get Chilling. I will not lie, I was terrified. When the father sets up one camera to one a them old battery fans that go side to side really slowly? you are left anticipating what is about to happen as its making its way back to the left...or right!

I must admit, the camera tricks in this one are exquisite. It definitely blows the first two out of the water with its haunting effects and its life like presence of the demon. Paranormal activity 3 does a good job convincing viewers that you just never know if the occurrences in the movie can actually happen to you.....?

As much as I might have made out Paranormal Activity 3 to be a good movie, I must point out for viewers to expect the worst ending you can possibly imagine. If I am correct I am pretty sure it was meant to be some sort of I was unconvinced, ridiculous!

Unfortunately as much as I enjoy a good scare, and the movie was successful in that way, the Paranormal Activity franchise is and always will be a cinematic experience only. Anyone hoping to get a good thrill from a DVD version will be hugely disappointed. I believe seeing the trilogy is a once off only and I have no future plans of renting or buying either parts of the haunting series.

Overall, Paranormal Activity is a good time. It definitely had me shook, and to be honest I can't remember much of the first to say this was better or scarier if you like? But it was more entertaining than part two, that's for sure. The two little kids were creepy, and I must admit, they both played scared really well! As for the father (Stepfather), he as usual was a brave idiot, and the mother was as usual, clueless to what was going on!

So go see it in the cinema, don't waste your time illegal downloading (Like what you kids tend to do!) or waiting for it to be released on DVD because it just isn't the same experience. Paranormal Activity must be watched in a big black room with surround sound and screaming women, or in my case...MEN!

Same old stuff, just that little bit more frightening! :)


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