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Monday, 7 November 2011

Straw Dogs Movie Review 2011

James Marsden and Kate Bosworth star in the 1970's violent remake, Straw Dogs.

The movie takes place in modern Mississippi in the south of America, where loved up couple David (Mardsen) and Amy (Bosworth) return from Miami where they had met previous. David is a screenplay writer who writes for low budget movies back in Miami and is keen on settling down for some peace and quiet once they arrive in the small town of Mississippi. Amy appears to be a popular character in her home town as she is welcomed with more than open arms once they arrive.

We then meet Charlie (Alexander Skarsgard) who grew up with Amy. He shows a great obsession for Amy and is more than happy to see her return home. Once he finds out she is happily married to David.....we see a dramatic change in his persona.

David is a genuine guy who worked hard to get to were he is. He wants nothing more than to settle down on his laptop and write. He is perceived by the residents of the town to be cocky, arrogant and flashy with his cash. David is introduced to his new neighbours in one scene when he stops off for a beer in the local bar, a ruffed up shack might I add that looks like one of those places from a western with the small doors!!

There we meet Tom (James Woods) who coaches the local football team. Tom is a horrible racist, a profane character. I mean this guy is a right Mercenary! You get the feeling of Tom's reputation when he starts pulling his own pints! It seems the locals fear Tom, some such as Charlie (Skarsgard) and his gang will quickly obey him.

The plot moves off when David offers Charlie and his group of workers the job of revamping the roof behind their house. As much as Charlie needs the money, he also sees this as an opportunity to be closer to Amy.

David, who is bewildered to the real reason for Charlie taking the job soon regrets his decision. The group of workers are your typical bunch of perverts who have absolutely no intention of getting the roof done by the specific deadline. This Leaves Amy feeling uncomfortable in her own home as numerous incidents lead to both David and Amy having arguments over David's lack of courage towards Charlie and his men.

Unfortunately I have not seen the Original Straw Dogs with Dustin Hoffman so I can't compare this version to the 1971 classic. But I must say I really enjoyed this movie, it is hard not too say too much about this remake. Straw Dogs does have a slow start but when David and Amy finally settle down, the consequences are crucial.

This is a pure Bad vs evil movie. According to what I have read, the original version has a shocking rape scene. To be honest if it is any more graphic than the remake's scene, I do not fancy it. I mean you feel for Kate's character Amy! She honestly receives an awful time.

Charlie and football coach Tom are a force to be reckoned with. They will not tolerate any hotshot coming to their town and settling down in a hurry. These two are heartless monsters! You feel for David because you want him to man up and protect his wife and new home. Unfortunately that is where my problem was with the movie. It took too long for David to finally crack. And as much as I love the "Everyone has a breaking point" slogan on the poster? for me, anyone else would have cracked a lot sooner if that was real life....even a wimp like me!

Overall Straw Dogs was entertaining. James Mardsen surprised me, he showed some really impressive acting in my opinion, I mean when he finally does man up, you really root for him aginst the scum in the movie! And we have to remember this is Cyclops from X-Men......

As for Kate Bosworth I felt was superb on her own, I am not too convinced on the romance between the two of them though. The creep, Charlie was okay. He basically just had to play a violent hunk with a six pack and a great fan of women....women with whimpy husbands that is! He would never pick on someone is own size, that's for sure! And can't forget James woods, I will be honest I did not even know he was in the movie. Thank god he was because he was excellent. He was a rotten delinquent but it worked.

So for me, someone who is yet to see the original, I enjoyed Straw Dogs. Unfortunately I think most people will disagree with me because of it's birth place but give it a go. It's gruesome, creepy, and disturbing all in one! With a surprising performance from Cyclops....I mean James Mardsen.!


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