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Monday, 21 November 2011

L.A rapper Game and City Lads, The Original Rudeboys tear up the Olympia theatre

The Game returned to Dublin City's Olympia theatre last night along with rising stars,The Original Rudeboys.

It was 3 years since L.A rapper and former G.unit member The Game was last seen on Irish soil. In 2008 he played the Olympia theatre in front of a sold out crowd. Unfortunately, me being a big Game fan,I missed that one. I did catch him a year or two prior at the Ambassador theatre, once again at the heart of Dublin City and I can honestly say it was, at the time, one of the best rap gigs I have ever attended.

I was fortunate to attend the gig at the Olympia theatre with a cracking box seat ticket (ringside I suppose). Dublin City lads Sean Arkins, Robert Burch and Sean Walsh led the way, supporting The Game as the up and coming accoustic/hiphop group, The Original Rudeboys. The band, which brings a mixture of Irish rap from Sean Arkins, acoustic guitar and vocals supplied by Robert Burch as well as Sean Walsh, who gives off a nice touch with his precious ukulele. The local group from the heart of town aren't shy of crowds at this stage, after playing numerous venues and festivals such as Reading in England and supporting G.unit at the Waterford festival. Songs such as "Live your Life", "Crazy" which is their own unique version to Cee lo Green's Crazy, and "Stars in my Eyes",their first release and a Youtube sensation, all went down well with, what looked like a sold out Gig!
The three townies looked more comfortable than ever on stage filling which what could only be described as big boots as the Main act, The Game was yet to follow. It was clear people from all over turned up to lend support to Ireland's next generation of superstars with The Original Rudeboys having none other than a bright future ahead of them.

The Game appeared on stage around 9.20 pm after an eager wait from the crowd. I must admit I could see myself as well as others were starting to lose patience! He eventually arrived...late, as these rappers tend to do but in the end it was all worth it. "The City" was the Introduction song which is the first on his most recent album, "Red". He was dressed in what I can only describe as "on the way to the Gym clothes", but someone of his swagger pulled it off, easily. The Red album is his fourth studio release so he played through songs such as "Goblins vs Martians" which features Lil Wayne and Tyler the creator, and "Ricky", a hardcore rap song which features a well put together mix from the classic movie "Boyz in the hood".

He went on to keep it old school as he played some of his most successful songs like "Dreams", "No more fun and games" and "Higher", all taken from his first album The Documentary. I can't help but get into the events surrounding his performance. At one stage he called up all the people in the crowd wearing Red and let them all bounce around the stage with him. Another dude in the crowd got specifically called upon after The Game had noticed the amount of tattoos the young guy had, leaving him and Game on stage comparing tattoos as well as getting the chance to rap with Game on one of his songs which looked quiet an experience for the teenage fan. His Entourage clearly loves Irish women as every so often they would just randomly call girls up to dance on stage.

The Game mixed it up with songs from his previous albums "The Doctors Advocate" and "LAX".
"My Life", also featuring Lil Wayne, and the banging "One Blood" almost blew the roof off the Olympia!

He threw in the occasional I love Ireland and it's the best place he ever performed at jazz. The thing about the Game it seems he really is a genuine guy and does show genuine love to the crowd and really knows how to put on a show. Since The Game started performing in Ireland over the success of his career, never has he been judged badly on performance. He brought nothing less than a fantastic performance as well as the entourage he had on stage with him who cared to join in on the chaos! The Game had this little apprentice with him the name avoids me now but at one stage near the end he climbed his way up to the first balcony before leaving the crowd anticipating weather he is going to jump or not. The security in the Olympia theatre did try and prevent him until the Game demanded they let him jump! He shouted "Let him go, I don't think ya'l know who run shit here. If you don't let him jump nobody here is going home" he eventually jumped feet first (with Air Jordans might I add).

"Pot of Gold" featuring Chris Brown was the last song he played. He dedicated it to anyone who is searching for that dream and to not give up until you have found it. The crowd did demand one more song and so Game played "Pot of Gold" again!

The night was full of entertainment and I really enjoyed the gig as I am sure most did.. The Game and The Original Rudeboys put on the performance expected of them.

Show your support this Friday 25th as The Original Rude Boys launch their first single "Stars in my Eyes"on physical CD. They will be in Tower Records off Grafton Street meeting fans and signing copies of the single. The CD will contain three versions of the song.

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