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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sabotage Trailer

The trailer for Arnie's upcoming action movie Sabotage has landed and it looks a beast of a movie.

Question his age and acting skills if you will, and while The Last Stand and The Expendables  are quite forgetful, Sabotage; starring Terrance Howard and Sam Worthington (ugh) advertises Arnold Schwarzenegger in great fashion.

Head of a DEA task force, Breacher (Swarzenegger) finds himself surrounded by corruption in a team he once trusted. Following a major drug bust worth 10million, the money goes missing, leaving questions marks over each member of the group. As Breacher struggles to come to a conclusion, he starts to lose members of his team through a anonymous killer.

Director Davide Ayer is no joke either; packing movies such as Training Day, End of Watch and Harsh Times - Arnie may have bagged a gem here. What we may agree on is that Arnie is looking slicker than his John Wayne portrayal in western slash modern parody The Last Stand.  We can all forgive Arnie for some, we refuse to forgive him for many, so let's all agree The Last Stand was a small stepping stone back to what we know best (sorry I didn't see Escape Plan); and that is a big Austrian with a bad-ass haircut chasing down the cartel , all while he enjoys a fat cigar!

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