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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Original Rudeboys: Olympia Theatre - March 31


It is almost two years now since three rookie musicians came together to create a song of everlasting memories. Stars in my eyes gathered you tube hits which would inevitably form a band by the name of the Original Rudeboys. Having recently toured Europe, and ironically supporting LA rapper Game in the Olympia previously, the Dublin trio return home to play what is now defied as just another gig.

If a European tour wasn't something to go by, the Original Rudeboys were set to follow the Script to Australia to conclude a tour of mesmerising experiences. But before then, the Dublin trio bowed out of a second sold out gig in Dublin's Olympia theatre in fantastic fashion. The night before had been a warm welcome from the home crowd, with a sold out Olympia making their voices heard.

Easter Sunday was destined to be the same, with fans waiting outside the venue from twelve in the afternoon; a choice that embodied the band in a wicked reception, storming the stage with album favourite "Blue Eyes". The enthusiastic introduction had set what was about to be a high standard performance from the Dublin musicians, as Vocalist Robert Burch belted out "Dublin Days", with Sean Walsh's Ukulele adding much crisp to the euphoric tune.

Their frenetic album "This Life"; which is dedicated to many characters within the lives of the trio, rapper and band coordinator Sean "Neddy" Arkins continued his contribution with tracks such as "Me and my Mind" and "Sunny Days" - a moving tribute to family members past and present. The indie backdrop of "Complicated", including the Vocals from Robert, helped to mellow out what had been an amped up crowd from the off.

Mid-way through, the crowd were treated to "Stars in my eyes"; a flashback to the origin of the band and their immediate climb, to what ended up a you tube sensation and probably still their best hit to date. The song was played at wonderful pace, sticking to its acoustic roots of what once was.

With a plethora of gigs gone and underway, the Original Rudeboys were to twist it up a bit, introducing a cover of Ed Sheeran's "Give me love" which showcased the vocal ability of Robert Burch once again. It was Sean's turn to put a spin on things, ceasing the opportunity to express some lyrical flow with "down with ORB"- a Dublinesque mash up of Naughty by Nature's O.P.P.

They stayed consistently up beat with "Written Songs" (feeling Good), which can be heard as the last track on their debut album. An unfortunate climax was upon the Olympia as they said goodbye with fan favourite "Travelling man" and a full throttled version of "Stars in my eyes".

A so long for now as the Original Rudeboys are currently touring in Australia. However, Sean Arkins reminded his growing fans that all is not bleak in Ireland as they set to make a headlining return in September, with many festivals set to host the band before then.

Set List
Blue eyes
Dublin days
Bringing me down
Me & my mind
In too deep
Feel the same
Stars in my eyes (acoustic)
Travelling man
Give me love
Sunny days
You down with ORB
Writing songs

Live your life
Stars in my eyes


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