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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Movie Newz: Did You know?

*Dumb and Dumber 2 re-ignites

So at least six months ago I was telling folks about a Dumb and Dumber sequel (a real one) and how excited I was, relating the possibility of Jim Carey actually being funny again! Well, a Harry and Lloyd reunion was then scrapped due to director commitments. So thanks to the original directors, the Farrelly brothers, a sequel is now back on track with plans to start shooting in 2013!

For exciting Plot information, Read Empires article here:

*Uncharted movie? still, we wait

For those who were unaware, the construction of an Uncharted movie is long overdue. Almost 3 years since I first heard of Hollywood's desires, it seems the films production has taken one step forward and two steps back. The latest news tells us that the original director has abandoned ship while two new writers of come aboard. (you like that?). With no news on who will play the humorous dare-devil, the official news is directors Marianne and Cormac Wibberly will weather the screen play. Who? I can tell you they are the amateur master-minds behind such movies as The 6th Day (2000) ,Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003) and I Spy (2002). Eeek!

Strong rumours?

For more information:

*The Latest "Looper" poster is a quality image.

The creators behind the eagerly anticipated movie that is Looper, rewarded the fans with the latest poster. It follows a twitter vote, that led to the most recent teaser. See below.

Notice the effort behind the scenes in creating the resemblance between Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis.

*Fast Six? Where does it end?

 Yep, Fast Six is under way, continueing on from were they left off, which was in Rio, right? I enjoyed the last movie surprisingly enough, but now the production is just been greedy! Apparently the original cast as well as Dwayne Johnson is still assigned as well as that MMA women from that awful looking movie, Haywire 2011. (I still cant believe the cast they got for that film)

For more information:

*RED 2 teaser poster

I believe I am one of very few who despised the release of Red. One can wonder how a film with such a good cast receive any such haters. Well, let just say the trailers released prior to the movie made it seem so much better, on top of it showing every funny moment to the point when I did see the film I found it far from humours. Anyway the sequel announced, fans can expect pretty much the same thing....a fantastic cast, that's it!

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