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Friday, 18 May 2012

The Raid Review 2012

The Raid is an explosive, all out Indonesian war as a SWAT team storm the building of a wanted drug lord and is army of tenants!.

Located in the slums of Jakarta, the apartment block, considered a no-go area by police in the past, is run by a ruthless nemesis by the name of Tama (Ray Sahetapy). With previous unsuccessful attempts to bring him in, a SWAT team is ready to infiltrate the building in the cleanest way possible.

Rama (Iko Uais) is just another SWAT agent hoping to come out of the "Raid" alive, although something tells us his participation is not accidental. A mixed martial artist, ready to ruin his fists with the blood of the ruthless mercenaries.

The tactical enforcements have little knowledge of the 30 floor apartment block other than it been occupied as a safe-house for the worst kind of wanted criminals.

The Raid is mind-blowing with constant non-stop action from start to finish. Its concept is typical good versus bad, but with high octane tensity, fantastic fight scenes and numerous twists to this Indonesian master piece. The Raid gives Ong-Bak a run for its money. A six minute fight scene featuring two guys on one, is just a tease of what The Raid offers fight fans.

In comparison to what we have seen this summer, The Raid offers so much more in terms of gunfights so terrifying, I was only short of ducking in the cinema!

Lookout for Tama's right hand man, "Mad Dog". A guy the SWAT are informed about on rout to the apartment block "He will tear down walls for Rama". He is exactly what he is made out to be. A tiny, ruthless Little character, showing his finest skills in martial arts. The consequence for the SWAT team? Bloodshed!

Overall; The Raid is a terrific movie that must be seen, over and over again! I will be surprised if another action movie beats this one any time soon.

10/10 (yep, it deserves it)


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