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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Avengers Review 2012

The Avengers finally assemble on the orders of Nick Fury!

There was no secret of the highly populated cast in the lead up to the Avengers, taking into account the hype since the release of Iron Man in 2008. The success of Iron man was followed by a sequel in 2010. Fans of the Super Hero franchise where greeted with the release of two more comic book movies, Thor and Captain America. The question was, could the Avengers succeed as a whole?

Nick Fury (Jackson) recruits Iron Man (Downey Jr), Thor (Hemsworth), and Captain America (Evans) as well as newcomer Mark Ruffalo as the HULK! The super group also consists of two newbies to the big screen, Black Widow is played Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye (The next Bourne?)

The world is under threat following the arrival of Loki, a citizen of Asgard, another Universe. (Thor 2011). Loki is the brother of Thor, although both would agree the distance between them is not exaggerated. It is Loki's attack on S.H.I.E.L.D that leads to a crucial decision by Nick Fury, leader of the affiliation. The desperate attempt involves regrouping something stronger than Loki and his army of Cohorts, The Avengers!

The movie has a nice feel to it with a brilliant intro of what's to come. Those who have not seen previous movies won't suffer too much but it does consist of some flashbacks regarding Captain America.

The storyline is put together smartly and manages to keep the balance in relation to the numerous egos on board. As Loki is the one at large it feels the story is based off of Thor but does well in blending all characters. As always, Robert Downey shows class as the arrogant, yet hilarious Tony Stark and the ever so cheesy Captain America (Evans). Fans will enjoy the rivalry between both Captain America and Iron man, as personalities quickly collide before they realise the moral of the story is team-work.

 The return of Loki was a great choice as he made for a terrific bad-guy in Thor and the collision between family is still fun to watch. Although Loki seemed a handful in the release of Thor in 2010, Nick Fury and the Avengers get caught completely off guard with Loki and his mind boggling army!

The introduction of a third Bruce Banner is, unfortunately frustrating for some. But when the Hulk is transformed, nobody notices. Yes, a third. Mark Ruffalo plays the man with the temper. Following Eric Bana and Edward Norton (My favourite by the way), Mark Ruffalo as Dr Banner had a challenge on his hands. Is there information on why Edward Norton was not included instead? I believe if he was, performance on the bases of acting would have been better than Mark Ruffalo. But just like I said, in relation to the Avengers, fans just want to see the Hulk tear people, buildings and valuable things apart! and that is just what he does! My favourite was Bruce Banner...when he was green.
My knowledge in Marvel limits, but I wonder what fans made of Hawk-eye and Black Widow? Both characters, like the rest were highly entertaining. Jeremy Renner is leading an exciting future and Scarlett Johansson...well, just do what you do best!... Not forgetting Samuel Jackson, even though he has been forgettable in the past. He gives fans an enjoyable performance, curse free. Mr Jackson just needs to choose his movies carefully in my opinion. He has been in some woeful movies lately.

The action and CGI makes the Avengers what it is. In comparison to Captain America (Which I despised) and even the previous CGI Hulk, this blows them out of the water. You noticed I excluded Both the Iron Man and Thor movies, the Avengers is still early release and is yet to be decided, in my opinion.

The Avengers is up there with the greatest super hero movies ever made. Audience from generations will enjoy the Avengers. Whether you are unfortunate to see this movie in 3D or stay classy with 2D, one must see immediately!

The Exciting question for the future is, What is next to come? Well we know Iron Man 3 and a Thor sequel is in writing. Unfortunately Captain America also, and possibly a new Bruce Banner? who knows. In relation to an Avengers Sequel? now that's getting carried away!


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