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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Creative piece: Arkham City Prison

It is a vintage bridge that connects Gotham City to Arkham Asylum. The mental institution, which is famous for stationing Batman’s arch enemies’ is over crowding by the month. Legendary foes such as Two-face, an individual most remembered by Gotham civilians as Harvey Dent, The Joker and Mr Freeze. These regularly combine affiliations to help escape the Asylum which has seemed to become simple routine.

Gotham City government is due to announce the opening of Arkham prison at midnight. The purpose of the building is to remove particular villains from the asylum. Prison officials have made a statement claiming the advanced landscape will be more capable of keeping foes such as the Joker on a 24hour lockdown.

Another reason for Arkham prison is due to Batman’s lack of ambition lately. Batman turns 55 this Thursday, as the citizens of Gotham slowly realise their dependant on an ageing hero is looking far more slim.

Reality checked in when an apparent rise of 50% in robberies and kidnappings emerged last month. Law enforcement believes this is due to certain individuals such as Scare-crow and Bane who are yet to be captured by the Bat. Other reports suggest a wide variety of prostitution has emerged, labelling poison Ivy and Harley Quinn the key organisers behind the ordeal.
These are some of many reports through-out the city that Batman has no knowledge of Gotham city, for the first time in years, is worried.

Joe Biden of the Gotham Mail spoke to Batman at an action figure convention in Metropolis yesterday. When asked about the newly constructed prison he said “I think it is a fantastic call from the government. Arkham Asylum was never strong enough to hold in them maniacs! I strongly believe whether you are classed as mental or not, certain individuals need to be transported to that prison ASAP!” With the apparent advancement and right technology, it can prevent anyone from escaping”.

Batman’s comments come at an appropriate time as certain house hold names such as Commissioner Gordon plea for Batman to retire. Gordon told the Gotham mail last week “If Arkham prison goes ahead, it will give Batman the ideal opportunity to retire. We think there will be a serious lack of work when this facility proceeds. Any possible crimes afterwards will be minor, nothing we can’t handle ourselves.”

Arkham prison is connected to the Asylum. It is located behind the asylum and is separated by surrounding electric gates. It will be on constant lock-down particularly coming up to Halloween. Prisoners from the asylum will not be judged on insanity rather their history of violence. The Joker and two-face are the first two announced to enter the prison.

The Gotham public will be curious to see the out-come of the new project and what the future holds for Batman. Batman was far from happy when asked about retirement yesterday at the convention and told brave Joe Biden “Who are you to say I should consider such a thing? Yes I will be 55 and I admit I am not as fast or skilled as I once was but let me tell you this sir. I can still pack a roundhouse kick to your wimpy ass and if the Bat mobile manages to pass the NCT tomorrow morning, I will be back patrolling the streets of the city I was born to protect”.

When Joe Biden asked the dark Knight about Robins recent drug charge he replied “No Comment”.

All the staff at Gotham Mail would like to wish Batman a happy Birthday if we don’t see him Thursday!

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