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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

What's your Number? Movie Review 2011

(apologies for the text in 3rd paragraphaph)

There's not much that can be said about a movie starring Chris Evans (Captain America) and Scary movie's very own, Anna Faris (Scary movie trilogy I suppose).

Whats your Number? directed by Mark Mylod, the guy who brought us Ali G Indahouse makes an attempt at a romantic comedy.

Ally (Anna Faris) is desperate for true love. She is tired of meeting all the wrong men and is set out to find Mr. Right. The only problem, which is a disastrous one apparently, is that her previous ex boyfriend's have added up to a total of 19. According to Ally, this is a problem because if she does not find the right guy in number 20, she will never find true love.

Introducing Chris Evans character Colin. This guy is your modern day player, well so he thinks. Colin is a neighbour of Ally's who can't seem to keep the women out of his apartment. He uses them for the usual jazz and then tries to ditch them.

Ally (Faris) seems destined for help. So in one scene she catches eye with Colin (Evans) trying to hide from a girl he had slept with the night before. The two have conversation, she ends up explaining how much she needs a man and leads on to think maybe she can track down one of her 19 ex boyfriends, hoping that he has changed for the better and maybe fall in love. Then guess what? Colin offers to help her these ex boyfriends of hers! yipeee!

The two then agree to make the most ridiculous deal ever, Alley to Colin" You help me track down all my Ex boyfriends, and I will help you avoid all yours."

That there folks is the story in a nutshell. How Chris Evans gets any work amuses me. seriously. As for Anna Faris, she has the Scary Movie trilogy, Whats your number? and nothing after that please god.

I did not set out to be too harsh on this movie. It wasn't just the fact Chris Evans is in it, but I am pretty sure that the film set out to be a romantic comedy that ends up lacking the romance. The chemistry between Evans and Faris could not be further apart. The movie lacks in clever jokes and witty humour. In my opinion the comedy was way too easy...just not smart.

Whats your number seemed to me like the writer or director made an attempt of taking characters from previous movies that were genuinely funny, trying to re-enact them with different actors and hoping for the same positive re-action that the previous movies got.

Does that make sense? for example take Kristen Wiig, the main actor from Bridesmaids. She gets drunk in that movie, she isn't the brightest spark but she is hilarious in a way. On the other hand Anna Faris gets drunk in the movie, she isn't too bright either, she lacks a lot of intelligence in a way that should be funny....but its just a let down. In truth she is just a genuine dimwit, and there's me thinking she was putting that character on when she played Cindy in Scary Movie. Oh how wrong was I.

As for Chris Evans, my little brother loves him, for the simple fact he is Captain America. I will be sure to tell him when he is older how wrong he was to think Chris Evans was any kind of super hero.!

My verdict, try avoid....if you want a romantic comedy, so see Crazy stupid love, or if you have seen that and you are just bored?  Still Do not go see Whats your number?....



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