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Monday, 16 December 2013

The Class of 92

Genre: Documentary 
Directed: Benjamin Turner and Gabe Turner
Starring: Ryan Giggs, Phil Neville, Gary Neville, David Beckham, Nicky Butt and Paul Scholes
Running: 99 mins

Attention football fans: If this DVD is not on your Christmas list, put it on. Same for movie fans; if The Class of 92 is not sitting under your tree Christmas morning go back to bed, your either up too early or your loved ones fucked up!

The class of 92 is a retelling and somewhat nostalgic flashback to the great days of Manchester United. This articulate film is creative in its chapters divided into the lives of six icons of the red shirt; Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, David Beckham and Neville due Gary and Phil; all of whom began their careers in an era of prominence for both the world of football, politics and music.

Director Benjamin Tuner crafts the years of 1992/99 into a wonderful story of six working class individuals reliving the moment they first entered the club with a plethora of stories told by each player regarding initiations, idols, the fear of Fergie and the ghost of the Busby babes all tied in with a soundtrack of The Stone Roses and blue rival supporters Oasis. However the core of this documentary is the fascinating insight into each player; Giggs the play maker, the Neville brothers who are described as the under dogs of the club, angel face and right foot messiah Beckham; the biggest Manchester United supporter to have played in Old Trafford. 

Nicky Butt; the man you want by your side in a bar fight and the story of the Champions League clash with Bayern Munich in which he stepped in for a suspended Roy Keane in Barcelona's daunting Camp Nou. 

My favourite chapter of the movie is Paul Scholes who isn't too complicated in his small and intriguing little animations with a driving force on the pitch deemed powerful and legendary, but his mind-set off the pitch is surprisingly opposite - Paul is cute and very normal. 

Cameos from director Danny Boyle, Zinedine Zidane, Tony Blair, Ian Brown and Eric Cantona gives Benjamin Turner's movie an unbiased outlook at the personalities in football, the historic moments (as an Arsenal fan, I could watch Giggs destroy our worthless defence in the FA cup with a smile this time), the stone roses and their dominant takeover, and Liam Gallagher's cheeky package to Gary Neville; this is a terrific documentary and a real treat for film fans of all genres. 


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