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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Jackass presents: Bad Grandpa

Genre: Comedy
Director: Jeff Tremain
Starring: Johnny Knoxville and Jackson Nicoll
Running: 92mins

As Jackass 3D came to an end in 2010 it felt like the right time, and while the 3D concept was well orchestrated and hilariously professional, the 3D premise was not much of a comedic step up from its predecessors. Three years on, Johnny Knoxville returns with Bad Grandpa; a Borat style mockery of gullible America with a surprisingly relevant but extremely brief story line. 

Irving Zisman (Knoxville) finds himself in an unexpected situation following the death of his wife. Excited at the prospect of dabbling in American women, he is approached by toward the end of a hilariously disturbing mass dedicated to his wife's recent passing. Irving is left with no choice but to consider his morals, and more importantly, his family, and agrees to take grandson Billy halfway across America to his uncommitted father. 

The loose plot in Bad Grandpa is wonderfully connected to the pranks that follow along the way as each pit-stop is met with the intention of distracting the people around them in comedic and at times disturbing fashion. Both Knoxville and sidekick Billy are ambitious from the start, holding no punches as they gate crash a wedding, destroy a local diner, flirt with women and the climatic build up of the beauty pageant in a fantastic scene that the trailer so stupidly reveals. However there is a lot more involved, as the sleazy 86 year old brings back some Jackass related moments such as robbing supermarkets, and potential fistfights with controversial moments involving racism and homophobia. 

The chemistry between Knoxville and child star Jason Nicoll is a treat, with Nicoll's stone faced impressions proving gutsy in some terrifying situations; he is well mentored by Knoxville as he is clearly obliged to escalate further havoc to the finest and strangest parts of America. 

Just like the previous Jackass movies, Bad Grandpa is short and may leave you wanting more. Bad Grandpa seems inspired by Sacha Baron Cohen's fictionalised plot in Borat. With Knoxville's renowned bravery, this ambitious attempt at shying from Jackass but keeping the bones of its origin pays off even if the trailer did reveal the majority of the hilarious pranks involved. 

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