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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ben Affleck's appointment as Batman a good choice

This is a follow up to the article covered by fellow entertainment writer Paul Saunders of The

Okay, let's start by saying that if this was Spiderman, Superman or any other "superhero" of that kind, we would have been so bored by now! You can't browse the internet without bumping into a nerds perspective of why Ben Affleck's appointment is a terrible idea, or, if you click the right button you just might be convinced by someone else on how the vision of Affleck in the bat suit is not a total disaster.

Warner Bros. have accomplished a divide in Batman fans with immediate effect. Believe in me when I tell you, your opinion will not change their decision, and John Roden's opposed petition will do no such damage either.

Before I give my own opinion of why Ben Affleck as Batman could work, let's look at what John Roden is saying to us on ;"His acting skill is not even close to being believable as Bruce Wayne and he won't do the role justice. He's not intimidating enough for the role of Batman. Batman is someone that strikes fear in the hearts of men. His portrayal of Daredevil was atrocious and he's not remotely close to an action star or a superhero. Please find someone else and deliver to the fans what they want". 

There is only a certain amount of times the average Batman fan can use Affleck's performance in Daredevil (2003) as an excuse to rid him of future comic book movie opportunities. While Daredevil was mediocre, it was not all Ben Afflecks fault, after all the guy is an actor. He gets paid to do what he is told. Those who remember the movie will give it credit for its fighting choreography at least, no? Bare in mind if there was a flaw in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy it was the awful fighting choreography. Batman moved like a stiff gargoyle. Hardly a movie comparison but it wasn't all strawberries and cream when it came down to analysing Nolan's take and the Dark Knight Rises also has enough "croaks" to fill a nerd's blog.

Going back to Daredevil, where Ben Affleck played a kick ass blind super hero with a demented past. And while it may not have been the movie fans wanted, Ben Affleck was the best thing about it. Looking at movies such as Changing Lanes (2002), The Town (2010)  and Argo (2012), can he act? Come on, of course he can. Didn't he strike "fear into the hearts of men" in The Town? He delivered two great performances in Changing Lanes and Argo also. If fans are shedding any doubt over his acting credentials, watch the above films.

Adapting to the "dark knight" if you like, may prove challenging, but he isn't inheriting Christian Bale's Gothic voice (thank god). As we know, he will play an older Batman in order to reference the apparent "epic" collision between himself and Superman. However that vision could change.

Would he have been my first choice? No. But even now I can't tell you who would have been. But what I can say is it would not have been Christian Bale. Talks of Bale being offered 50 Million to return appeared extremely false over time. Christian Bale is a man who knows what's right for this franchise and by him not returning is a great stance from the Welshman. Warner Bros. are clearly aiming for something a bit more "light" but with a touch of grit also. If fans of Nolan's trilogy really think Warner Bros are out to destroy the pattern left by Bale they would be extremely gullible. You would like to think that Nolan and co have had a strong input in granting Affleck the opportunity. That is what I believe, and that is what will keep my mind at rest.

Ben Affleck has the build and the inter changeable personality to pull off both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Forget Jersey Girl (2004), the man starred in Hollywoodland (2006), State of Play (2009), both serious enough and quite believable roles that have gone on to place him as the next Batman. It's a new era for both Superman and Batman movies and one might have to get used to the possibility of Ben Affleck playing Batman beyond the Man of Steel sequel. Out with the old and in with the new. As a huge Batman fan (I even like Batman Forever), it would only slightly damage my love for the character if Affleck was to have a "stinker", but then again, I just have to remind myself that it could have been George Clooney...oh wait!

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