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Monday, 24 September 2012

Movie Newz: Hitchcock, Apes sequel and the box office!

A Hitchcock Resurrection
A glimpse of the first image and possible poster of Anthony Hopkins in the upcoming Hitchcock film (right).

For those who don't know, the anticipated movie will not be a life-biopic. The film will follow the events leading up to the making of Psycho and the controversies surrounding its development. Supporting a cast to die for, Helen Mirren who plays the wife of Alfred is one of a fine cast set to represent the haunting production that was filmed in 1959.
For more, read Empires article here:

Exciting times for the Horror genre
On the brink of Halloween, Sinister (right) looks to be the scariest movie of 2012. The last time a movie truly frightened me was Insidious. I can not wait for this to drop, hopefully near-around Halloween. Horror fans will love what has been seen so far.

Turn out the lights and see the latest trailer here

Box office
The US box office remains tight as Jake Jake Gyllenhaal's End Of Watch and spooky thriller House At The End Of The Street continue to tie on 13 million. As Ireland await the drop of cop drama End of watch, I can judge House at the End as a pretty mediocre movie. The fact that the US audience are blowing their money on such a film is laughable. Running third is Trouble With The Curve starring  Clint Eastwood; A baseball flick, which means any concept focusing on baseball is meant for the United States only, and maybe Canada. In some other hilarious box office news,  Resident Evil: Retribution thankfully free-falled to 5th position with 6.7 million. Apparently it held top for a short while. So while Resident rubbish and a re-release of Nemo (3D) at 4th, Dredd hardly managed to grab the attention of cinema goers as it gets comfortable with 6.3 million, staying in 6th position. WHAT? Have the US bothered to see Dredd? no! It rocked. Something tells me it is the same minority of people that Adam Sandler and Co target for cash. People open your mind, but at the same time don't be so gullible. After all, you did just see Resident Evil: Retri-who gives a shit!

Scary Movie 5. Obviously
The first screen shot for the next mundane piece of childish comedy. What was once a genius concept that brought a whole new ingredient to the words "spoof comedy", it's fair to say the more they were released, the absolute worst they became. With news that the Wayans brothers have abandoned ship, the release which is set for 2013 will throw more stupidity at us with the credentials of two idiotic and slightly irrelevant actors, Charlie Sheen (again) and Lindsay Lohan (right). I might end up eating my words, but until a teaser drops?, I will hold my pessimistic position.

Texas Chainsaw 3D trailer
So another year and yet another writer struggled to pen something original. Michael Bay or someone related to him - "Hey, I know, let us combine something different. What are the two components in today's filming the fans hate? 3D and Horror remakes, so lets combine both and make some lazy money". Well, congrats to those guys. Watch the latest massacre of what was once a cult classic. (below).

Apes sequel in Jeopardy?
According to Total Film, Rupert Wyatt, who directed Rise of the Apes is planning on calling time on his proposed sequel. What was written to continue on from the previous, Wyatt is struggling to abide by the apparent release date which was set for May 23rd 2014. I know, like a year and a half of preparation. Who knows. Hopefully this can be resolved quickly, as judging from the success of Rise of the apes, it would be fantastic to keep Rupert's imagination.

See the full article here:

Universally obvious
Universal studios has failed to let the dust settle among this years release of Ted and The Bourne Legacy by revealing a sequel for both movies. Doing what most productions do which is to take a look at the income from both, showing 400Million from Ted alone. For obvious reasons, Bourne failed to live up to the hype. Although they still wish to continue the story of Jeremy's character as they hope to open up a whole new world to the Bourne franchise.

See full here;

A trailer worth mentioning.

Cloud Atlas is a six minute preview of what looks an extraordinary mess that I wish someone could explain to me. With a fine cast such as Tom Hanks, Hugo Weaving, Jim Sturgess, Halle Berry and many more, they are supporting a concept that seems to collaborate with the past, present and future. It reminds me of the release of Avatar; which went viral and caused insane reactions in terms of the visual, original concept from James Cameron. Cloud Atlas looks to be heading in that direction. This could all be over rated, which is a disease I believe caught up with Avatar in the end! Although one can not ignore the visual mind-fuck of what the trailer has to offer. Cloud Atlas is due for release in October.


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  1. You're a very cynical man Gerard! Good stuff, a few of them just don't deserve to be made while Rise of Planet of the Apes is in serious need of a sequel.