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Friday, 30 September 2011

Killer Elite Movie Review 2011

"May the best man live"....In most posters I have seen that is the slogan that hovers over the title of the movie that is Killer Elite.

When you see Let the best man live? you automatically think wow!, this is a movie about ten men on an Island, given nothing but a hammer and some sharp pencils with no choice but to fight to the death in some sick game cleverly organised by some sick person....hence "Let the best man live" no?

In my opinion that slogan does not need to be attached near Killer Elite because its absolutely nothing to do with having a better man than another man live!

Killer Elite, Directed by a Gary Mc Kendry who in my research hasn't done too many big blockbusters so assuming this is his first. Starring Jason Statham (Snatch, Transporter) as Danny along with his mentor Robert De Niro (Goodfellas, Casino) as Hunter.....yes Hunter, how convenient....

Danny (Statham), once a member of Britain's Elite special Air service (Special Ops) is retired and settled  down in Australia. He is disturbed not long after to find out once mentor, friend and former partner Hunter (DeNiro) is being held captive.

Hunter becomes a hostage in some country with a desert,...think Afghan if I remember correctly.
Danny is then given an option from the leader holding Hunter captive.
He can take a risky contract that includes killing 3 assassins that apparently had something to do with the killing of a son of the leader. The Afghan leader seeks vengence, but is too much of a coward to do it himself!

Sounds easy for a guy of statham's calibre right? I mean Danny, but wait...the catch is that each killing has to look accidental.

The movie quickly takes off with Danny having no other option but to accept the contract if he wants to see his friend Hunter alive again. Its not too long before the killer in the title Killer Elite rectifies itself as Danny sets off taking no hostages in order to save Hunter, who unfortunately is banged up in an afghan cell for most of the movie, looking like a washed up version of the mobster that once was in the classic Goodfellas.

Hot on the trail of Danny's antics is Spike played by Clive Owen (Inside man). Spike is a member of a Military secret society who seems to be the only other guy with a gun attempting to prevent Danny's kill list from happening. When Danny and spike meet on occasions, yes its fun and basically brings the reason I am sure viewers paid to see this movie....for some Jason Statham action.

On the other hand, the movie appears sloppy at times jumping from Australia to Paris, London and the middle East and tries delivering hard drama that just isn't there.

Killer Elite was never going to be a Robert De Niro movie but I have seen other reviews that say different. This is no doubt a Jason Statham movie that was pretty much always going to blow De Niro's name way out of proportion as we seen in release of the trailer. It is a bit of a pity that the movie does indeed hang on to De Niros parts, briefly letting us know through-out the movie that Hunter is still in the film and is alive and kicking in his afghan hell hole!

Which leaves me to the verdict of this movie. Killer Elite is a dream to watch for a Jason Statham fan looking to see the usual jazz. Maybe it was just me, but I did feel a different pursuit from Statham in this movie. It like he took it a bit more serious and less ridiculous, as it is apparently a true story? I could be fooling myself on that one!

I must point out that Clive Owen I felt was worthy in the movie, a real bad ass who I think might have saved the film from worst criticism that its probably already going to get.

Robert De Niro was crummy in the movie as he probably could have requested more of a role on his behalf, but can we criticise him for all he has done? One review I read had critiscised De Niro asking what he was thinking doing the movie....Leave the man alone, he's aloud do what he wants for he his an all time Legend!

Overall Killer Elite was below satisfactory with middle of the road entertainment. If you already know what to expect from a movie featuring Jason Statham (The Schwarzenegger of our Generation perhaps?) well then be my guest. I will be honest I only went to see it because there was nothing better out at the time,...would I watch it again? I am afraid not.



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