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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Chronicle Review 2012

Chronicle is the latest movie to be released in relation to the newly born genre that is Found footage.

We have had a monopoly of found footage movie releases over the years. The Blaire witch project might be the only one that deserves a positive mention. Its vintage concept came about back in 1999 when it gave us something fresh and paved the way for a not so great future..."Apollo 18", "Cloverfield", "Quarantine" and not forgetting the not so eager release of "The Devil Inside Me".

Chronicle follows the lives of Andrew, Steve and Matt who find themselves trapped in a life changing experience when they encounter a strange hole containing a strong alien like energy. Their everyday ability becomes abnormal when they find their encounter the night before has left them with telekinesis strength.

It is from there on that Andrews desire to video tape life's events might actuality make sense as he begins to film the development of their newly found superpowers. Things spiral out of control quickly as both Steve and Matt start to doubt Andrews consistency as he begins to take certain matters into his own hands, leading to serious consequences and uneasy attention.

The scenes consist of clever camera tricks, involving moving cars, floating objects and bullying the public, all out of boredom leading to sheer enjoyment. Chronicle is quite amusing with some jaw dropping moments and does well in keeping the viewers attention.

In comparison to previous found-footage movies, Chronicle beats them all, as it was both exciting and enjoyable with some scenes bound to leave you wide eyed. As for the acting, from a cast I wasn't aware of, they all put in quality performances making something so far fetched seem very realistic.

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